Chinese Nutritional Therapy

Since ancient times Chinese people have evaluated food for energetic healing effects. This allows us to treat and to prevent disorders with special foods. Knowing the effects of food and your individual Chinese Medicine diagnosis, your health can be improved and diseases can be prevented.

Background of Chinese Nutritional Therapy

_MG_8368One of my favorite ancient doctors is Sūn Sīmiǎo (581-682) already taught at that time: „When treating a disease, nutritional therapy should be used first. Only when no relief can be achieved should Chinese Medicine (Herbs) be used“. This statement tells us a lot about the importance of Chinese dietetics and nutrition in China even until today. Thus, nutrition and medicine both have a very long tradition.

What is the Chinese Nutritional Therapy?

Chinese Nutritional Therapy is similar to Chinese Herbal Medicine with the only difference being that foods are used instead of herbs. Harmony is a very important concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In the Nutritional Therapy the harmony (balance) of energetic states and flavors of food has a fundamental importance. A one-sided diet is not recommended and „extremes“ should be avoided.

Individual counseling

Individual advice will be given about what really nourishes and provides your body with energy. In personal consultation you will receive the right information and advice for you to get your qì strengthened and your health and vitality promoted.

Additional therapeutic methods

Chinese Herbal Medicine
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