First visit & diagnosis

The initial consultation usually lasts longer than subsequent visits. Please allow sufficient time for your first appointment and bring all the questions you may have with you. For me it is important to perform the initial diagnosis in great detail and accuracy, and to answer all the questions you may have.

Diagnosis according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The diagnosis is based on the rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Before starting your treatment, I will ask you in detail about your medical history (anamnesis) and about other aspects, such as digestion, sleep, diet and emotions or psyche. Also living conditions and habits play an important role in this relationship. In addition, a physical examination consisting of Chinese tongue diagnosis (shape, color and surface) and pulse diagnosis (quality, rhythm and strength) as well as the consideration of skin, hair, nails or the whole body expression will be conducted. All this information gives me an insight into your health and any underlying patterns of disharmony according to TCM.

Diagn heute

Therapeutic concept

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the holistic view of mankind in relation to its environmental changes is most important. To identify physiological and psychological contexts and to then use suitable natural treatment methods for each individual is an effective therapeutic approach, which does not require the use of synthetic materials. And it is almost free of side effects. The therapeutic approach according to TCM is always individually tailored, adapted to the current situation and health status of each patient. This means, that each patient receives an appropriate herbal prescription or combination of Acupuncture points and other treatment methods if required. Thus, TCM represents a promising alternative or a complement to conventional medical treatment.


If you are not familiar with Chinese medical terms, your TCM diagnosis and your treatment approach will be described to you in a way you can easily understand.

The concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a completely different one than conventional Medicine. Explained clearly, you will find that it is easy to understand. Should questions arise after the appointment, you are always welcome to come back to me by email or telephone. Or if you prefer, you can save your questions for your next visit to my practice.

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