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TCM Pharmacies and Herbs

Traditional TCM pharmacies in modern China and the diversity of Chinese herbs.

Chinese Herbal Market

The Chinese herbal market in Hangzhou, China.

TCM Museum – HU QING YU TANG in Hangzhou, China

The Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine — located in Hangzhou’s historic Qinghefang Ancient Street — is a part of Hu Qing Yu Tang, a still functioning pharmacy from the Qing dynasty. Hu Qing Yu Tang has become the only Chinese medicine museum. The museum introduces celebrities in Chinese medicine history, the origin of TCM, the development of pharmaceutics in TCM. A wonderful place, worth a visit!

Chinese Architecture

Fascinating and multifaceted Chinese architecture: DOORS, MOON GATES, ROOFS and CHINESE PAVILIONS – a selection for all friends and lovers of Chinese culture and architecture. Pictures were taken in Beijing, Suzhou and Hangzhou.

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